Helderberg Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

May 21, 2003 



Dan Hirshberg

 Hirshberg & Hirshberg kicked off the meeting. He was here to describe his company’s planned improvements to the neighborhood  storm sewer systems. The planned improvements will be implemented in three phases over 5 - 6 years.  The result of this project is to stop flooding on Bethlehem Terrace and in residents’ basements.   This will be accomplished by adding large pipes to the underground water conveyance system and construction of a capacious retention pond behind the Albany Girls Academy.  


Don Dugan

Provided details of the May 14, 2003 CANA Meeting.  Our own Debbie Schramek and Bertha Sussman were honored for their outstanding performance in creating the HNA Newsletter.  They received the Publication of the Year Award; well deserved and greatly appreciated.

Mac Mobrey received Resident of the Year Award, he is a member of the Hudson Neighborhood Association.


Albany Boys Academy began construction of dormitories for 12 youths.


Albany Girls Academy will begin construction on a new sports facility. This facility is expected to have minimal visual impact on the neighborhood.  Neighbors of the facility may be allowed to use the gym.  The parking lot will be on Hackett Blvd.


Paul Collins

Discusses the City’s property assessments and offered information to help property owners to protest their assessment. 

                1. Determine assessment value.

2. Visit Assessment Office, establish if there are any factual errors regarding the property in question.

                3.  Examine the Red Book and look at specific property assessed values.

                4.  Examine the Recent Sales Book.


Take pictures to document your claims and, if available, provide values used during a refinance.  Try to provide 5 or 6 comparable properties to help bolster your claim.


June 5, John Egan of Renaissance Corp will speak on the topic of University Heights, Room 224 Sage College.






June 3, School Budget Vote, there are expected to be 4 items on the ballot:

1.  Overall School Budget

2.  Third Middle School

3.  Athletic Fields for third middle school.

4.  Authorization to sell School 17 for $6000 (appraised value of $0)


Charlotte Grey of Keep Albany Beautiful HNA Resident

Projects, Fire House on New Scotland, South Main Flower Beds, Hackett Blvd flower beds.


John McGrath is the HNA Web Master


Jim Sano

Will get the permit for the September picnic. 

Also Discussed: The Albany High School Drama Club’s Production of Rag Time.  We will send a donation to support the club and help them meet expenses for a trip the Fringe Festival in Scotland.