Minutes from the March 19, 2003 Meeting of the


Helderberg Neighborhood Association




         We now have our own web page: hnaalbany.com thanks to John McGrath, a member of the neighborhood and the association.



         CANA, Council of Albany Neighborhood Associations is developing a brochure of the resources of Albany to help Semitech, the City is updating the web.


         County Executive Mike Breslin gave a talk about the county, touching on topics such as the state of the Counties finances and efforts being made to improve overall services. The County is taking a holistic approach to providing care for families. The Executive is concerned that seniors not be taxed of of their houses. The PINS program has been mandated to include older children, though financing for the program has not increased.


Also, with the advent of Semitech, a computer chip maker, moving to the area, area school children will need an education that will prepare them to be able to compete to high paying local jobs.

Foreclosures on city properties take a long time to complete, thus using county resources. The County Executive is trying to speed up the foreclosure process.


Brown fields were another topic touched upon.

         University Heights Joe Coffee is no longer involved. June McQuai is now the spokesperson. June brought us up to date regarding this site. The Armory is part of Renaissance Group, which received $300,000 from New York State and will match that amount for the restoration of the structure. John Egan, formally of the Albany County Airport, will be running Renaissance Group. The fire at University Heights on Monday March 17, was thought to be an accident. The fire trucks had difficulty accessing the site due to muddy conditions. Damage was minimal and will not jeopardize the project or the projected completion date.


Mara Oakes, of the PR office spoke about the website, universityheights.org

They are affiliated with Sage, and share services, such as public safety.



         Mike Vitale and Cheryl Highland from Clearview Center spoke about their house at 320 New Scotland (corner of Forest). There have been issues of poor yard maintenance, which have been addressed. They also spoke about how clients are referred to their house. There was an issue with one client, regarding the Sex Offender Registry.


         Lieutenant John Finn discussed the Sex Offender Registry and how to access the information.


         Cathy Cocheric and other residents of the Grove Street area spoke about speeding and traffic law violators on that and nearby streets. The group offered possible remedies, suchas lowering the speed limit, repainting the signs, additional signage, stenciling information on the street and increasing police enforcement.


         Honolee Smith, Albany School Board member spoke about the Albany Facilities Plan and asked HNA to endorse the plan.