Yard Sale 2017

Click [HERE] to view houses signed up for 2017 yard sale.


Helderberg Neighborhood Association Garage Sale – June 11th, 2017 – Helderberg Neighborhood Association | Helderberg Neighborhood Association


WHAT: 2017 Helderberg Neighborhood Yard Sale

WHEN:   June 11 9 am – 2 pm (switched to rain date)

WHERE: Between New Scotland Ave (both sides!) and Hackett Blvd, from Academy Rd up to South Manning Blvd

 Organized by the Helderberg Neighborhood Association (HNA).


It is important to sign up so we know WHICH streets to promote with signs AND so we can CONTACT people in the event of RAIN!! (see Rain Date Information below, please)

 SIGN UP BY EMAIL:  Email hna@hnaalbany.com with your street address AND name.  You can sign up others in the neighborhood (with their permission, of course) if they do not have email.  If you want to register under a different email address, please include that in the email when you sign up.

SIGN UP BY VOICE MAIL: Call the Helderberg Neighborhood Association at (662) 598-1462  and leave a voicemail with your street address, full name AND your phone number.  Please speak slowly and clearly.

For those that do not have Internet access, people can sign up by voice mail, so spread the word!

VIEW LIST OF REGISTERED HOUSES ONLINE HERE:  Like last year, processed registrations will appear in an online list, and the list will updated periodically until the day of the yard sale.   View list here →  http://hnaalbany.com/wp-content/uploads/Helderberg-Neighborhood-Yard-Sale-2017-Participants.pdf


An email / voicemail greeting will be sent / available  to all people who signed up on FRIDAY June 9th at 5:00 pm.  This will CONFIRM the event for SATURDAY June 1oth, or ANNOUNCE it is being moved to SUNDAY June 11th due to rain.  If the EVENT is moved to SUNDAY, it will be held RAIN OR SHINE.

 Thank you for participating.